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The San Diego Padres Are Officially The Best At Being The Worst


After getting swept by the Dodgers and shutout in all three games the San Diego Padres are the first team in the 100+ year history of Major League Baseball to be shut out in 3 straight games to open a season. The previous record was 26 consecutive scoreless innings by the St. Louis Cardinals to open the 1943 campaign (those Cardinals incidently went on to win 105 games, but thats irrelevant in our case). This comes fresh on the heals of their 15-0 Opening Day fiasco, which is now the most lopsided shutout in MLB Opening Day history. The previous record holder you ask? The Pittsburgh Pirates trounced the Cincinnati Reds 14-0 pm Opening Day…in 1911. 105 fucking years ago. This is just poor baseball.

This weekend the Padres head to Denver for the Rockies home opener. If they can not sonehow, someway scratch a few runs across in Coors Field this weekend I nominate the Padres for relegation. Send the entire organization to El Paso and call up the Chihuahuas to San Diego. Make the Padres earn their way back to Major Leagues because they definitely dont deserve to be there. I’ve joked for years that the Padres are a Quadruple A baseball team but this is worse than Quadruple A. Im not even sure this is Triple A level baseball.

I didnt expect the Padres to be any good in 2016, but this? This is flat out unacceptable. Silver lining is that there should be plenty of good seats available this year.

Padres Sign Joaquin Benoit For Some Reason

The last time the world saw Joaquin Benoit

CBS Sports – The Padres and right-handed reliever Joaquin Benoit have agreed to a two-year contract, reports Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com. The deal is worth $15.5 million and is pending a physical.

I just dont understand this move. $15.5mil over 2yrs for a 36 year old 8th inning guy? I would imagine Houston Street is still pitching the 9th but thats the same kind of money that Baltimore just gave Grant Balfour.  This move makes me believe the Padres are trying to set themselves up to trade Houston Street at some point this season.  Given Street’s steady track record and relative lack of injuries it would make sense for the Pads to hold onto Street until the July 31st  Non-Waiver Trade Deadline when there are always a few contenders willing to overpay for a quality bullpen arm, let alone a quality closer heading into a close pennant race.  Benoit was eminently hittable last year with Detroit in their clusterfuck of a Closer situation and the last memory anyone has of him is when Big Papi was rattling the city of Boston to life with an 8th inning Grand Slam in the ALCS off one of his fastballs.  While I agree spending money is a positive thing it is way more crucial to spend that money correctly (see: Cubs, Chicago; Mets, New York; Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles; Phillies, Philadelphia) but it is nice to see the Padres are at least trying to put a competitive team in that beautiful little downtown ballpark.