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Want To Watch LA Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig Get Arrested?

This is the video from Yasiel’s arrest for driving 110mph on a Florida Highway a few weeks back. My key takeaway from this video as a mediocre a best Spanish speaker is this: Yasiel refers to himself in the third person by his last name.  Just referencing himself as “Puig”.  Excellent.  Just simply spectacular.  I mean Puig is starting to take this whole “Ricky Being Ricky” persona to the max.  This video (which is awesome) just goes to show why the off-season can not end soon enough for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  They need to get this kid into their Spring Training Complex ASAP so they can attempt to keep an eye on him and maybe keep him out of trouble.

Yasiel Puig Arrested For Doing 110mph


LA Times – The Dodgers’ dynamic young outfielder was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving Saturday morning after going 110 mph in a 70-mph zone on a stretch of Interstate 75 in Florida, according to Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Greg Bueno.  Bueno said Puig was taken in handcuffs to the Collier County Jail in Naples, Fla., after being pulled over at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time while driving his 2013 Mercedes westbound on what locals call Alligator Alley. Bueno said Puig cooperated with officers.  The Dodgers are not commenting, but they have to be concerned beyond this lone arrest.  Puig, 23, also was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving and driving without proof of insurance in April in Chattanooga, Tenn. Those charges were dropped after he persuaded a judge that he had performed community service in Los Angeles.  Still, this is twice Puig has been arrested on suspicion of speeding in the last eight months. This is the same guy who has shown a knack for repeating violations of simple baseball fundamentals, which is troubling for the team but does not put anyone’s life in danger.

Damn its too bad that absolutely nobody at all anywhere in the world saw this one coming. But seriously folks, I fucking told you so. And really I shouldnt even be pumping my chest like this except that everyone looked at me like I was a full on lunatic when I was saying all of this back when they called him up in June.  It just seemed so fucking obvious.  The Dodgers wanted so badly to leave him in the minors for longer to age and mature(though how long would it take for him to mature is a whole other question). Unfortunately for the Doyers they fell flat out of the gates (with the same merry band of jackasses that harpooned the Red Sox 2012 season, worth mentioning) and they were forced to call up Yasiel. Right after that first reckless driving arrest. Cut to six weeks and a few walk offs after his call up and the kid is the toast of Tinsel Town with offensive numbers in the stratosphere. The All Start team debate raged and then, and this is the really strange part, the 23yr old rookie OF came back to Earth and even slumped through the dog days of July in a pennant race. And he started taking his bad ABs out to the Out Field with him. Donny Baseball yanked him from a game in the 5th inning to try to get through to his egomaniacal Cuban future superstar. Now here we are. Almost the Dodgers worst nightmare (I would imagine the Dodgers’ worst case scenario is that Puig kills himself or some innocent people while driving like an asshole). Had to believe Magic and Co were holding their breath once the Dodgers season ended hoping Yasiel would survive and stay out of prison long enough for Spring Training to begin. And now this. 110mph in a 70 is just flat out irresponsible. I get that he’s 23 and at that age “go faster” is generally the answer to most of life’s problems but this is the symptom of a much larger issue. Not for nothing but he is a huge star in the town that just saw Paul Walker and Roger Rodas die in a fiery wreck after they wrapped their Ferrari around a palm tree. And they were professionally trained drivers. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from within the Dodgers organization or another MLB Cuban defector or the man in the fucking moon but somebody needs to talk to Yasiel Puig and get through the thick layer of ego and hubris before this kid gets himself or someone else killed being a fucking idiot. Thats not how anyone wants to see this story end.

Yasiel Puig Removed from Game in 5th Inning


ESPN – Dodgers manager Don Mattingly pulled star rookie Yasiel Puig from Wednesday’s win against the Chicago Cubs in the fifth inning for disciplinary reasons. Mattingly would not disclose the exact reason for Puig’s benching.

After the game, Puig met with Mattingly and general manager Ned Colletti in Mattingly’s office for about 30 minutes.  Puig said Mattingly explained his removal had to do with his defensive readiness.

I hate to say “I told you so” but….Oh wait no the fuck I don’t.

Maybe he didn’t get arrested but his BA has dropped over 100points since the All Star break (remember when it was a crime he didn’t make the National League Team?) and he’s taking his bad ABs out in the field with him. Donny Baseball trying anything and everything under the sun to get through this kid’s skull without tanking the Doyers World Series dreams. Tough when the player in question is such an unbelievable talent. Sometimes Ricky Henderson ability comes with Ricky Henderson personality.

Odds Yasiel Puig Gets Arrested in the Next 6 Months?

Yasiel14:1? 6:1?

In all honesty, what are the odds that Yasiel Puig DOESNT go to jail in the next several months?  It just seems like its written in the stars.  I’m not questioning his next level baseball abilities, nobody ever has. But the reason he wasn’t on LA’s Opening Day roster was because the Dodgers were terrified of his immaturity.  Magic and Co put off bringing the kid up for as long as they could until their season was on the brink of becoming a gigantic waste of time and money.  Now the Dodgers have been on an unprecedented roll since Puig’s call up and he’s the toast of Los Angeles.  Everything is fine now while the Doyers roll along and his cockiness plays well while everything is going well.  It should be noted that the baseball Gods are a fickle and angry bunch and sooner or later Puig and LA will hit the skids, and then what?  It may not be until after this season ends but Yasiel Puig is 100% getting arrested this off season and it will be for one of a handful of things:

A) Domestic Violence against his gf/wife/baby momma/ escort

B) Assualt and Battery over a road rage incident or parking spot dispute

C) He wraps his Ferrari around a palm tree/ gets pulled over doing 130 mph in a 40mph zone in Hollywood with a .16 BAC

Personally I think I would have to lay my money on option C just because I feel that would just be a repeat offense and humans by nature tend to follow patters.  However, he is Cuban so option A is a very strong possibility because in Cuba I’m pretty sure beating up women is OK.  Either way, book it now: Yasiel Puig goes to jail before the All Star Game 2014 (at Target Field ironically enough).

PS –

Irregardless of everything I just said he could play for me any day of the week.