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Johnny Football Manziel’s Final College Game is Appointment Television


Welp folks this is it. 5pm PST in the Chick-fil-A Bowl the world of college football will bid farewell to Johnny Football. I am so excited for this game I can’t even describe it. Sorry Duke, you’ve had a great year and all but you are the lambs being led to slaughter.  Im hoping for the full on Johnny Manziel experience. Im talking hang 70 points throw for 400 yds and run for another 300 all while racking up 150yds in personal fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct.  For my money he cant go far enough, come out in a fur coast like Joe Willy Goddamn Namath, gold ropes on the field like he’s PrimeTime.  Fuck a Duke cheeleader in the middle of the 3rd quarter.  Nothing is going to be over the top enough for me. Please Johnny Football, for me, for the kids but most importantly for ‘Murica! put on The Ritz on this New Years Eve.

Goodnight sweet prince, the world of college football will miss you way more than you will miss it

UCLA vs #8 Duke from MSG Tonight

UCLAvsDUKEUCLA wins the “Hotter Co-ed” Contest ina fucking bloodbath

Big time measuring stick game this evening for the UCLA Bruins as they travel east to NYC for a game with Jabari Parker and his #8 Duke Blue Devils.  UCLA comes into this game at 9-1 on the year with their only loss coming on Dec 7th at 10-0 Mizzou.  Their 9 wins have been the blowouts against cupcakes that most major programs schedule prior to conference play kicking off.  They really don’t have anything I would refer to as a “quality win” but gun to my head I would have to say UCLA’s best win is a 14pt drubbing of a 6-5 Northwestern team on a neautral court.  Sophamore Guard Jordan Adams (#3) is the man to watch for the Bruins, avereging slightly over 21 PPG thus far.

Coach K’s kids come in 8 in the country and 8-2 overall on the young season.  The losses thus far have been a 9 point loss to #5 (at the time) Kansas and a 6 point loss to #4 (at the time) Arizona.  They beat #22 Michigan by 10 in Cameron Indoor on December 3rd and thats they’re best win of the year.  And I can not talk Blue Devils without mentioning the freshman phenom and possible 1st overall pick Jabarri Parker. Parker has been held under 20 points twice this season (19 pts vs Arizona, 15pts vs Michigan) and has come down with fewer than 5 boards only once (Arizona).  Oh and he can shoot free throws.  The kid is legit.

This should be a solid back and forth affair but MSG is basically Cameron Indoor North.  I like Duke in a close game but I think UCLA comes hot out of the gates.  Win or lose this is a huge early season game for UCLA and tomorrow morning we’ll know a whole lot more about how ready they are to compete on a high level.


Duke  -5.5

UCLA +3 1st Half

Under 162 and bury it