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Women Need to Run for 5 hrs to Burn Off Christmas


Daily Mail Women will need to run for five hours two minutes to burn off the food they eat on Christmas Day, while men face jogging for four hours 25 minutes, a study found.Women will consume 3,514 calories on December 25 and men a waist-expanding 3,640 calories – up to 76 per cent more than the recommended daily allowance.

Welp there you have it ladies.  As if you needed any further reasoning science is now officially assigning a number of hours required to run to burn off a Christmas spent indulging in sugarplums or whatever.   I personally have no issue with a girl getting down with the get down at the X-Mas dinner table. Do what you gotta do babe, Lord knows the winter holidays were made for wanton glutinous behavior. Just get that ass out the door bright and early. Get to working those 3500 calories off and I’ll see you in 5 hours 6 hours (just to be safe). Hell by then I’ll probably be hungry and need a sandwich or something anyway so in the end it all times out pretty well. Thanks science, good lookin out.

Ho, Ho, Ho Its The Twelve Days of Christmas!


We have officially entered the home stretch to Baby Jesus Day with the beginning of the Twelve Days of Christmas. To help all of my fine peoples get through this last holiday push your generous and benevolent Comandant Boston Beatbox is going to be posting some Hoe, Hoe, motherfucking Hoes to end my blogging day.  Not only that but I’m also going to include the lyrics from the classic Twelve Days of Christmas that correspond with that Day of Christmas.  Thats right a new gallery of three sexified X-Mas themed pics accompanied by the stanza for that day of XMas will go up everyday from now until we hit paydirt.  By the end of this little experiment in my ability to commit to a long term project we should have a lovely little gallery and the complete words to The Twelve Days of Christmas.  I’ve had a quite a bit of fun assembling this whole thing and if you guys enjoy yourselves even half that much then I’ve accomplished my mission and mission accomplishment is why we exist.

Happy holidays you filthy mutts:


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One of the Best Parts of Winter

sexy11The Best part of winter…

I know winter can be awful at times, especially in the northern climates.  But the season doesn’t have to be  all over priced holidays, awful music on repeat and ball breaking snow storms.  No, even though the sun will go down before 4pm for the next three months there is at least one thing to look forward to: it is officially Peppermint Schnapps Season! In these cold winter months, especially on the run up to Christmas no one in their right mind will question a person with rosy cheeks and just a hint of peppermint on their breath. You aren’t drunk, just in the “Holiday Spirirt”!  Thats right kids, this is the time of year when it becomes perfectly acceptable to dump some Rumpelminz into our morning coffees, mid-afternoon hot chocolates and evening eggnogs.  If you live somewhere cold and don’t spend at least 85% of the upcoming  month with at least a toasty buzz, you’re doing it all wrong.

sexy10…is that it will be Summer again at some point