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Terror in Brussels


Belgium remains on high alert following Tuesday’s horrific attacks in Brussels that has left 34 dead and at least another 250 wounded so far

Here we are again. One more time. Replaying that same old tired song and dance. Another horrific tragedy on Western soil. Innocent civilians going about their day-to-day bullshit only to have their lives completely and irreversibly torn to pieces. Chaos.

It seems obvious that in the coming days and weeks there will be cries from many EU member states to tighten border controls and to cease the flow of refugees into Europe. And that line of thinking has merit. The recent uptick of terrorist incursions on European soil seems to undeniably coincide with the surge of refugees hitting EU shores. But turning away the tired, the poor, the huddled masses of humanity attempting to escape an otherworldly hellscape is not the answer. Rejecting people and sending them back to survive in a war zone because the West refuses to help is a great recruiting tool for those that wish to do us harm.

It would, no doubt, be supremely satisfiying to go full John McClain and paint the Middle East red with the blood of heathens and cowards, but that would merely be a fool’s errand of vengeance. Fighting terrorism is like trying to stomp out cockroaches, as soon as you have thus area over here somewhat under control, they pop up over there. Using drones and arial bombardments are effective but only to a point and everytime one of our wayward cruise missles hits an “innocent” village or goat herder a whole new crop of jihadi fighters is born.

I dont even know what to say anymore. This just keeps happening like its on fucking repeat and Im not sure what the answer is or if there even is an answer anymore.