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Funk Doctor Fridays

I’m going to share something with you guys that not everyone may know, your homeboy Boston Beatbox is a certified Funk Soul Brotha.  Thats not even my opinion that is just a flat out fact that can be proven.  I’ve gotten awards for this shit, real fuckin talk, Beatbox can lay down the funk with the best of them.  Unfortunately I feel like a good chunk of my generation simply overlooks this amazing genre filled with funky bass lines, brass horn sections, ridiculous clothes, mountains of cocaine and lyrics charged full of sexual overtones.  It quite honestly is some of the best party music going.  Rick James’ Pandora station is fantastic as a party starter, especially in a setting with a gaggle of white chicks.  The odds run fairly high that most white girls have never sat down and kick it something old school to the stylings of Gerorge Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Rick James.  The odds are equally as high that once you introduce them to the funk they are going to fucking love it.  For real, nobody that likes to party dislikes the funk.

So with all of that in mind I am proud introduce to everyone a new segment I would like to introduce here, Funk Doctor Fridays.  Thats right, every Friday allow the Boston Beatbox to get you into weekend party mode with some of the finest funk selections the internet can muster up.  Not everything is going to be technically “funk” but whatever, its still dope enough and close enough to qualify for Funk Doctor Fridays.

If you cant get down with the Funk, then brotha you aint got no soul.  Funk Doctor Fridays should be fun.

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The Nike KD VI Away II That Are Dropping Tomorrow Are The New Hottness In The Streets

It may not be a well known fact for everyone in the world but I am a sneaker junkie and as such I have to say these shoes are fucking fire! These little gems are the KD VI “Away II” colorway and they drop tomorrow (11JAN2014).  Not only is it a dope electric blue/grey/volt green color scheme but the grey portion of the shoe actually features a raised pattern providing some excellent texture and depth.  Priced for retail at $140 these are reasonably priced (in the world of basketball shoes) and I kind of feel like I need a pair of these.  Not want a pair, need a pair.

If you’re like me and want to see a few more pics from some different angles I put together I pretty solid gallery after the jump

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Wu-Tang Wednesdays


So I’ve decided that since we’re into the New Year (is that supposed to be capitalized) now is a good time to introduce some new things I want to do here around OneLastLine. One of the first things I would like to get done is to make it official and institute Wu-Tang Wednesdays. Around lunch (on the West Coast) every Wednesday I’m going to post at least one video or song from the Wu-Tang Clan or one of its many members’ solo shit. My train of logic is that lunch time on Wednesday is damn near exactly halfway through the workweek and we could all use a little pick me up to try and close out the second half of the week. Now bring da Mothafuckin Ruckus!

this video is dope

Johnny Football Manziel’s Final College Game is Appointment Television


Welp folks this is it. 5pm PST in the Chick-fil-A Bowl the world of college football will bid farewell to Johnny Football. I am so excited for this game I can’t even describe it. Sorry Duke, you’ve had a great year and all but you are the lambs being led to slaughter.  Im hoping for the full on Johnny Manziel experience. Im talking hang 70 points throw for 400 yds and run for another 300 all while racking up 150yds in personal fouls for unsportsmanlike conduct.  For my money he cant go far enough, come out in a fur coast like Joe Willy Goddamn Namath, gold ropes on the field like he’s PrimeTime.  Fuck a Duke cheeleader in the middle of the 3rd quarter.  Nothing is going to be over the top enough for me. Please Johnny Football, for me, for the kids but most importantly for ‘Murica! put on The Ritz on this New Years Eve.

Goodnight sweet prince, the world of college football will miss you way more than you will miss it

Hey Rest Of ‘Murica! Pick Your Teeth Up Because San Deigo Is DOMINATING XMas

2013-12-18 11_Fotor_Collage


Hey rest of the country, eat your hearts out.  America’s Finest City just living up to it’s namesake and putting an absolute fucking beatdown on the rest of the country.  Especially my hometown of Peabody, MA.  You see those Temperature splits up there? SD’s low for the next week is higher than Peabody’s highs by an astounding 20 degrees.  This ladies and gents is how you Christmas,  Now if I could only set up a Penguin XMas parade we would be on top of the world.  The writing schedule is going to be fairly erratic this week but I promise we’ll be back to a full on bloggin schedule right after the New Year.  Until then I’m just going to post things that catch my eye, in addition to the final two days of the 12 Days Of Christmas Countdown.


See-Through Pool Tables Are Real And They Are Spectacular

A stranger commercial or advertisement or investor pitch or whatever that was these Irish eyes have never seen but I’ll be Kim Kardashian’s OBGYN if that wasn’t crazy effective.  Weird ass soundtrack aside that video made that table look sexy as fuck.  I mean ten minutes ago I wasn’t even aware that pool billiards tables with a “patented transparent vitrik playing surface” and now I’m panicking wondering how I’ve managed to survive this long without one.  Honestly I’m not sure how much longer I can go on with this little life of mine carrying with me the knowledge that something this awesome exists and I do not posses it.   The imagination strolls through some dark places when I start thinking about all of the endless degenerate possibilities. Just oozes class and sophistication.  Need one and I need one three months ago.

Poof-ball Winter Hats

If you can’t get down with a poof-ball winter hat than I’m not really sure that I can help you out.  Winter is getting on us pretty quick and even out here at Beatbox Central in America’s Finest City the ears can get pretty nippy at night.  I for one, refuse to allow that to carry one so I have to go with the winter hat (beanie is a pseudo acceptable term, stocking cap is absolutely not acceptable) but I don’t want to wear one without the poof-ball like some kind of hobo.  Now there are a few times in life where the poof-ball may be a tad inappropriate but for the most part its all poof-ball hat all the time. Just in case you think the Boston Beatbox doesn’t walk the walk as well as talk the talk here ya go:

2013-11-22 15.03.34

Dopest. Poof-ball Hat. Ever. And yes it does have ear flaps and additional poof-balls on the ends of the strings.  Although to be honest I have no idea what those strings are for but they are pretty bitchin’ either way.

PS –

although winter hats of any variety are strictly optional in my neck of the woods

2013-12-13 11.47.50