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Be Afarid AJ McCarron, Be Very Afraid


“Ayo @_KatherineWebb we still for lunch. I’m suggestion a spot in calliope projects bring Lil AJ too! My boyz will keep him company”



Poor, poor back-to-back national champion SEC QB 

Darnell Dockett’s twitter game is crushing it right now. Offering to sweep Katherine Webb off her feet and into the lower 9th Ward for some mid-day romancing. He was nice enough to invite AJ to tag along and even offered up a few of his homies to kick it with AJ while him and KatWebb do whatever (I’m sure strange shit) it is that Darnell Dockett does with women.  But the little twitter fight Dockett has managed to rope AJ McCarron into is priceless.  McCarron coming in playing the role of Captain Save-A-Ho defend her attention whoring honour. Hilarious.

Seriously though AJ you just QB’ed ALABAMA to back to back national titles. That virtually guarenteed the rights to any and all vagina in the state of Alabama. No way any chick is worth putting up with this kind of shit. Just giant millionare black men hollering at your girl all over the internet, making her famous and shit. I dont care what AJ says, the nagging suspicions that his gf is getting a train run on her during Super Bowl Week in the Big Easy have got to be creaping up.  Can’t repress those thoughts forever, especially not when its taunting you in the form of 6’4 290lb monster. Not worth it my man, cut this fame whore loose and take a lesson from Johnny Football and learn how to act like a D1 superstar QB.

PS –

AJ, real piece of advice I’m going to give you, free of charge. Because I care. Let this whole twitter war thing with Darnell Dockett go. You may not realize it but you are in WAY over your head.  I promise you the best move right now is to just walk away. Dude is flat out relentless and he’s probably not going to stop any time soon. I’m not neccessarily saying let him bang your girl in front of you but at the same time, you want zero part of an actual real world altercation with an actual real life crazy person.  And make no mistake AJ thats what Darnell Dockett is: a crazy person.  Trust me on this one, we can smell our own.


have you ever met a sane person that has an alligator? me neither.