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Does This Look Like The Face Of A San Diego Man Caught Wearing A Kardashian Hoodie In Las Vegas


San Diego U-T – San Diegan Greg Ryan is living proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  Over Christmas, the Patio Restaurant bar manager was spotted in Bellagio Casino’s arcade by reality show star Khloe Kardashian. He was wearing one of her track suits.

Gotta love how Khloe made sure to throw in that now they can “say they are unisex” just to make sure everyone knows that this is, indeed an article of female clothing.  Kick a man while he’s down why don’t ya? For fuck’s sake.  Thats a really tough break my man and I feel for you.  Could have easily been anyone of us and before you start crowing how that could never be you because you’re such an Eddie Tough Guy and would never wear female clothing you probably need to pump the brakes and think about how this guy ended up in these circumstances.  One second this poor shmo is lounging in his Vegas hotel room with his chick and she sends him down to the lobby to grab coffee or some other errand.  He figures why not, it’ll keep her happy and I can grab a drink or six while I’m down there.Figuring he wont be gone long and is still kind of hungover he heads out of the room and just grabs one of the sweatshirts on the chair by the door.  He doesn’t realize it’s hers until he gets into the elevator and just shrugs it off assuming that it’s the middle of the morning or day or whatever in Las Vegas and he’ll just anonymously blend into the sea of madness and lights that is Sin City.  Just minding his own business trying to just enjoy his cocktail and forget that for Christmas somebody got you a Kardashian brand hoodie, next second one of those bridge trolls is putting you on blast all over Instagram.

Pretty Sure I Found The Creepiest XMas Commercial of the Season

If that clip doesn’t make you go “bbuuuuhhhhhuu” accompanied by a shutter and maybe a dry heave then you are one fucking twisted puppy.  Make no mistake about it there was zero coincidence between one of the perviest looking pitchmen of all time making one of the perviest noises possible while the shot of the chicks in a jaccuzzi was his backdrop. “Everything Santa needs to slide down the chimney with an aahhh” will possibly haunt me for the rest of the Christmas Season.  Super fucking skeeved out right about now.

PS –

If you buy someone a ping pong table table or a jaccuzzi for Christmas I’m fairly certain I hate you and probably everything you stand for.

Poof-ball Winter Hats

If you can’t get down with a poof-ball winter hat than I’m not really sure that I can help you out.  Winter is getting on us pretty quick and even out here at Beatbox Central in America’s Finest City the ears can get pretty nippy at night.  I for one, refuse to allow that to carry one so I have to go with the winter hat (beanie is a pseudo acceptable term, stocking cap is absolutely not acceptable) but I don’t want to wear one without the poof-ball like some kind of hobo.  Now there are a few times in life where the poof-ball may be a tad inappropriate but for the most part its all poof-ball hat all the time. Just in case you think the Boston Beatbox doesn’t walk the walk as well as talk the talk here ya go:

2013-11-22 15.03.34

Dopest. Poof-ball Hat. Ever. And yes it does have ear flaps and additional poof-balls on the ends of the strings.  Although to be honest I have no idea what those strings are for but they are pretty bitchin’ either way.

PS –

although winter hats of any variety are strictly optional in my neck of the woods

2013-12-13 11.47.50

Victoria’s Secret Angel Discuss Hidden Talents

With Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing tonight I’ve got lingerie models on the brain.  Luckily I’m not alone because the guys over at Esquire asked 12 VS Angels about their Hidden Talents.  Not exactly the hardest hitting interview of all time but if it means I get to be in the same building as the girls women featured below then I’ll ask them for all the gory details of their most recent periods.  The answers they gave were mainly what you would expect but there were a few curveballs mixed in.  Let’s discuss those curve balls shall we?

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Buncha Dirty Yelpers


Is it just me or does the term “yelpers” sound really derogatory to anyone else?  Just seems like some sort slur towards some group or another.  “This place used to be nice and quiet but that was  before all of those Yelpers started showing up”.  That sounds derogatory as all hell.  Then again I assume that most people that write in depth Yelp! reviews and refers to themselves as a Yelper is probably an asshole anyway so I guess it does fit after all.

PS –

I don’t know why but I feel like this would be most offensive to the Chinese, “bunch of Yelpers stealing all of our good iPhone manufacturing jobs!”.  You know what, lets just leave that one alone…



Screenshot_2013-05-07-10-45-01740+ Bought? So perplexed…

Banana Bunker.  That is apparently a thing.  A thing that is real.  Look Groupon, you can claim this is for protecting a banana whilst on the move in today’s go go society and for all I know its actually a phenomenal product. Maybe with the banana still in it you can explain it away but at some point I assume you’re going to eat said banana and then what? Now you are left with the most phallic looking piece of plastic ever mass produced just chilling out in your purse or lunch bag or whatever.


perfectly normal to carry three bananas around at all times

Good luck explaining that one away when a co-worker asks you why you took an extra 15min for lunch. Ferchristsake this thing looks more like a sex toy than most products that are produced with the sole intention of mimicking an actual dick for chicks to diddle themselves with. But then again with that kind of an awesome Groupon deal can you really afford NOT to buy one?

The answer is yes you can because your dignity is hopefully worth more to you than that