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Women Need to Run for 5 hrs to Burn Off Christmas


Daily Mail Women will need to run for five hours two minutes to burn off the food they eat on Christmas Day, while men face jogging for four hours 25 minutes, a study found.Women will consume 3,514 calories on December 25 and men a waist-expanding 3,640 calories – up to 76 per cent more than the recommended daily allowance.

Welp there you have it ladies.  As if you needed any further reasoning science is now officially assigning a number of hours required to run to burn off a Christmas spent indulging in sugarplums or whatever.   I personally have no issue with a girl getting down with the get down at the X-Mas dinner table. Do what you gotta do babe, Lord knows the winter holidays were made for wanton glutinous behavior. Just get that ass out the door bright and early. Get to working those 3500 calories off and I’ll see you in 5 hours 6 hours (just to be safe). Hell by then I’ll probably be hungry and need a sandwich or something anyway so in the end it all times out pretty well. Thanks science, good lookin out.

Can We Talk About How To Walk Down The Sidewalk?

Can we take a second to talk about how we as a society have apparently forgotten how to properly traverse a sidewalk? I get that here at the top of the First World we aren’t Chinese sweatshop workers so we all actually own smartphones and want to play with them all of the time.  For the most part I’m cool with it (unless you’re driving, then knock it off. You’re piloting a ton-and-a-half metal cruise missile through crowded streets, seriously knock it off) but there have to be some rules or at the very least some common courtesies.  I’m talking specifically about how its managed to clog up and clusterfuck up sidewalks in urban areas across the US.  It’s fucking ridiculous if we’re being honest.  So as a public service announcement Ye Old Boston Beatbox has draw up a little advice for the peoples:

SidewalkHere we have a person standing in the middle of the sidewalk dicking around on their iPhone. Shouldn’t be standing in the middle of the sidewalk like some sort of self-centered asshole.  Just begging for a dropkick. Don’t do this.

Sidewalk_StreetSideIf you are a reasonable person you should be glancing up from your phone every so often and if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of the sidewalk you can simply slide-step in one direction or the other. Either towards the street, like is pictured above, or inside towards the buildings, pictured below.

Sidewalk_InsideEither one is very acceptable and is obviously dependent on any surrounding foot traffic.  But at least your doing something and not just standing there like a goddamn beaver damn in a river.

Then there are these people which sadly are the most prevelent in this little mixed up technologicaly pubecent world of ours:

Sidewalk_WrongMake absolutely no mistake about it, if that red line is the path you take at a meandering pace while going down a sidewalk you are just one degree short of a fucking war criminal.  I’m not even sure I’m joking.  There are very few things in this world that will send me flying off into a blind rage as quickly as some douche bag asshole hipster fucking around on their smartphone wandering all over the goddamn sidewalk slower than shit trying to roll uphill.  Getting in the way of people just trying to get their coffee in the morning.  Awful, awful people.  Honestly though if you do this you should probably work on correcting that like immediately because every time you do this you take your life into your own hands.

FAA Considering Allowing Cell Phone Service On Flights, Dumb People Get Angry

headphone-fetish-girl-on-girl headphones1Couldn’t decide which picture to use.  When in doubt, always go with both

Fox News – In November, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that the agency would be considering whether cell phone use for voice calls should be allowed on planes. It makes sense to allow passengers to use their phones on planes, remembering basic courtesy. For the sake of everyone else on a plane, cell phones should be allowed for texting, email and other data communication, but not for voice phone calls except in the case of emergencies. In fact, a recent study by the Airline Passenger Experience Association and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® found that 61 percent of airline passengers believe making cell phone calls should be restricted during flight.

If you are worried about people talking in cell phones on flights knock it off. If you aren’t wearing headphones on a flight you are already a certified asshole and should be forced to register yourself with some agency or another so your movements and habits can be tracked.  Not only should you have headphones and some combo of an iPod, laptop, smartphone, tablet but you should also have an extra battery on hand.  There is roughly zero excuse in this day and age to have to interact with any people on any form of public transit and if you think air travel is anything more than an extravagently expensive trip on a subway then you got another thing coming my man.  Seriously its the future and shit, if you don’t have headphones and a solid buzz (read: shithoused) on an airplane then you are 100% doing it wrong and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Beatbox Tip: I’m begining to realize a whole lot of people haven’t realized that you can bring booze on your flight.  You can fill a clear plastic ziplock bag with nips (airplane bottles) and just remove it from your carry-on and send it through the X-Ray.  The FAA and TSA rules just regulate the amount of liquids and how they’re packaged, never specifies what sorts of liquids.


You’re welcome


Ladies & gentlemen we have a full blown Lion Cub Alert at the San Diego Zoo!



These two adorable little cubs were born at the San Diego Safari Park on December 6th and let me be among the first to say these things are cute as hell! Just want to cuddle the shit out of them. I bet baby lions are crazy soft. Just wrestling around and mauling small critters and taking naps. Get me some lion cubs!

They’re not on display at the moment and don’t have names yet but both of those things should be changing soon. When that happens rest assured I’m going to go see if I can spend an afternoon with them before they could easily remove my face from the rest of my person.

In the mean time you can follow these two here at the Safari Parks FB where they’ve been posting pictures.

One of the Best Parts of Winter

sexy11The Best part of winter…

I know winter can be awful at times, especially in the northern climates.  But the season doesn’t have to be  all over priced holidays, awful music on repeat and ball breaking snow storms.  No, even though the sun will go down before 4pm for the next three months there is at least one thing to look forward to: it is officially Peppermint Schnapps Season! In these cold winter months, especially on the run up to Christmas no one in their right mind will question a person with rosy cheeks and just a hint of peppermint on their breath. You aren’t drunk, just in the “Holiday Spirirt”!  Thats right kids, this is the time of year when it becomes perfectly acceptable to dump some Rumpelminz into our morning coffees, mid-afternoon hot chocolates and evening eggnogs.  If you live somewhere cold and don’t spend at least 85% of the upcoming  month with at least a toasty buzz, you’re doing it all wrong.

sexy10…is that it will be Summer again at some point