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Does This Look Like The Face Of A San Diego Man Caught Wearing A Kardashian Hoodie In Las Vegas


San Diego U-T – San Diegan Greg Ryan is living proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  Over Christmas, the Patio Restaurant bar manager was spotted in Bellagio Casino’s arcade by reality show star Khloe Kardashian. He was wearing one of her track suits.

Gotta love how Khloe made sure to throw in that now they can “say they are unisex” just to make sure everyone knows that this is, indeed an article of female clothing.  Kick a man while he’s down why don’t ya? For fuck’s sake.  Thats a really tough break my man and I feel for you.  Could have easily been anyone of us and before you start crowing how that could never be you because you’re such an Eddie Tough Guy and would never wear female clothing you probably need to pump the brakes and think about how this guy ended up in these circumstances.  One second this poor shmo is lounging in his Vegas hotel room with his chick and she sends him down to the lobby to grab coffee or some other errand.  He figures why not, it’ll keep her happy and I can grab a drink or six while I’m down there.Figuring he wont be gone long and is still kind of hungover he heads out of the room and just grabs one of the sweatshirts on the chair by the door.  He doesn’t realize it’s hers until he gets into the elevator and just shrugs it off assuming that it’s the middle of the morning or day or whatever in Las Vegas and he’ll just anonymously blend into the sea of madness and lights that is Sin City.  Just minding his own business trying to just enjoy his cocktail and forget that for Christmas somebody got you a Kardashian brand hoodie, next second one of those bridge trolls is putting you on blast all over Instagram.

Easiest Question Ever?

“Would you like to view your account balance?” flashing on the screen of an ATM on a casino floor at 3am in Las Vegas may be the easiest question to answer of all goddamned time.  Anyone that voluntarily checks their account balance in Vegas is a certified masochist, Any money you may have won is in cash and chips, no good news can come from the ATM.  Plus what do you really need to check? The bank will stop you when you run out of money.

2013-12-07 15.23.21Beatbox can’t stop. Beatbox won’t stop.

Presidential Debauchery Dream Team


Lets say that we were given the opportunity to assemble a Dream Team of United States Presidents to go on a balls-out weekend tear with.  I’m talking a full three or four day bender in Las Vegas or New Orleans or Miami or Thailand or where ever your favorite debauching location happens to be.  Point is you get to pick 5 POTUS to go partying with and since it’s a “Dream Team” lets break down my selections (aka the right ones) basketball starting 5 style:

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