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Wu-Tang Wednesdays


So I’ve decided that since we’re into the New Year (is that supposed to be capitalized) now is a good time to introduce some new things I want to do here around OneLastLine. One of the first things I would like to get done is to make it official and institute Wu-Tang Wednesdays. Around lunch (on the West Coast) every Wednesday I’m going to post at least one video or song from the Wu-Tang Clan or one of its many members’ solo shit. My train of logic is that lunch time on Wednesday is damn near exactly halfway through the workweek and we could all use a little pick me up to try and close out the second half of the week. Now bring da Mothafuckin Ruckus!

this video is dope

Does Anyone Else Out There Like Sexy Redheads?


Sexy redheads are such a rare find but man oh man are the awesome when you do find one.  But like I said it can be obscenely difficult to find even one hot redhead but have no fear ye olde Boston Beatbox came to the rescue and put together the definitive photo gallery of sexy redheaded women.  You are all very welcome.

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Dennis The Worm Rodman’s Latest Trip To North Korea Seems To Be Going Well

video is a little long but is soooo worth the watch

Dennis Rodman’s North Korean NBA All-Star Dream Team is just having a powerhouse of a trip huh?  Vin Baker and Dennis Rodman getting hammered, blacking out and running amok in Pyongyang surrounded by thousands of tiny malnourished North Koreans has got to be some kind of sight to behold. I’m honestly shocked Vin Baker is even still alive, never mind able to file the appropriate paperwork to travel to a reclusive hermit state thats totally not known for taking people hostage or executing the Supreme Leaders Uncle with wild dogs (maybe).

How about my man Charles Smith though!  A marvelous display of saying a whole bunch of words without actually saying one single thing.  Just a beautiful job of talking in a complete circle.  As an expert in the field I can respect the hell out of what Charles did right there.  Made all the more impressive by the fact he maintained his composure all while fighting off a shitfaced Dennis Rodman.  The looks while Dennis was babbling in the midst of a robust blackout is worth the price of admission.  I’ve never actually watched a person come to the realization they’ve made horrendous life choices like that before.

Rodman2this is what true, genuine human fear and regret looks like

If that fat lesbian does end up taking this Dream Team hostage (with Rodman as his accomplice,  obviously) I imagine the ransom demand would pretty much just be Pyongyang sending a fax to the State Department demanding a football helmet full of cottage cheese and a naked picture of Bea Arthur followed by President Obama and David Stern high-fiving each other before throwing the fax in the trash and destroying the fax machine Office Space style in an empty field in DC while they laugh and no one ever hears of Vin Baker or Dennis Rodman ever again.


The Hottest Video You Will Watch Today

I’d like to present to you the Hottest Minute Twenty-One Seconds of Your Day brought to you by Said Energizer. This guy’s videos are plain old fashioned awesome.  Just some really amazing stuff.  Anyway I’m going to shut up now and get out of the way, let this video speak for itself:

Christ almighty. I need a cold shower or something

PS –

This is 100% the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say that a chick is “dripping sex”.  Remember this video.

Double PS –

As an added bonus because I love you guys I included a MAD NSFW VIDEO after the jump:

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Shady McCoy Thinks His Belt Is Better Than Mine


You think your belt is better than mine Shady? Are you challenging me to some sort of a duel? I have to believe thats what this is. Shady read my blog about my awesome Sgt Slaughter belt and decided to flaunt this one on national tv right in my eye. Cant let this stand, no sir not me. Not now. Not nevah. So what shall it be Shady? I feel the traditional pistols at dawn may be a tad over the top so lets settle this like real men: rock, paper, scissors best 3 out of 5. You put your belt up Ill put my belt up. It’ll be like a title unification bout. Lets make it happen Shady, dont be scurred. Im right here ready for you, hungry.

Guess Who Bought A Sgt Slaughter Autographed Intercontinental Championship Belt for a Hockey Bet

Sgt Slaughter_15265Fucking ‘Mur-i-ca!

It was me. I did. Did you guess that? You probably should have seeing as how I have an eye for the finer things in life.  What says class and sophistication better than every thing else in the whole wide world? A Sgt Slaughter Autographed Intercontinental Championship Belt thats what. To be perfectly honest I didnt even know how badly I needed this until I found out it existed but once I saw it, oh buddy you better believe it was going to be mine.

SgtSlaughterBelt1Posted that Elf as the watch because its so fucking creepy nobody wants to get near it

Well partially mine anyway. See the thing of it is its not exactly in my posesion right now. A friend of mine from back in my days sailing the seven seas happens to be a Detroit Red Wings fan and subsequently an awful person and since NHL realignment happily landed the Red Wings and Bruins in the same division we made a long running bet with The Precious as the prize. The last time these two met up the Bruins got their shit pushed in 6-2 and I had to mail that magnificent piece of ‘Murican history to the post apocalyptic hellscape formerly known as Detroit until the next time these two storied franchises skate again in 2014. But believe me it will be mine again, oh yes it will be mine.  Until we meet again my precious…

The fact that my signature doesn’t include a self portrait makes me feel like less of a man

San Diego Is A Ghost Town Right Now & It Is Awesome


This is one of the best 2 week stretches in SanDiego (and probably any transplant-centric city) . Everyone leaves and goes back from whence they came for the hollidays. I dont like being cold or having the threat of snow hanging over my head so I stay out on the West Coast and I get to have the city to myself. Its kind of nice being in a major American city (we can debate whether SD is a major or a mid-major some other time) when its essentially populated by a skeleton crew. Downtown was whisper quiet yesterday, Ocean Beach is like a high school on senior skip day today. I love it, its great, like I can stretch out a little bit. Theres always a seat open at the bar, there arent any lines at the grocery store or post office or DMV or wherever and the traffic lightens up pretty dramatically. Not to mention that orphan holidays are the best holidays. Overall just a downright enjoyable time to be in America’s Finest City.

PS –
This is doesnt hurt my argument for staying at the beach for the hollidays: