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Rocio Miranda Is What I Dream All South American Women’s Asses Are Like


if looks could kill, they probably will

Dat ass! Good jumpin Jesus this girl, this girl right here is Rocio Miranda and she just redefines what an amazing latina ass should look like.  Just perfect.  The crazy part is that she finished 2nd in Miss Reef 2011 (I swear to you I will track down who beat her out, that I have GOT to see) and lists modeling as her hobby.  Yup, this is just what she does ont he side for shits and giggles.  Her full time profession is as a Voleibolista, which since I dont speak spanish can only assume is some combination of serving coffee while having a volleyball shaped butt. She’s probably really really good at that job.

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How Is Bar Paly Not Way More Famous?


I would like to take a moment to proudly introduce Bar Paly a Russian/Israeli model and owner of possibly the longest torso I have ever seen.  For reasons I simply can not even begin to comprehend there simply arent that many pictures of this girl out there.  She was in an episode of How I Met Your Mother for one episode back in 2010, was in Pain and Gain in 2013 and is featured in a 2014 movie with Liam Neeson titled Non-Stop.  Since there are so few pics out there of her and she isnt nearly as famous as she should be/is about to become I’m just going to go ahead and say I was buying stock in Bar Paly back in the early days

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Romina Gachoy Makes Me Want To Visit Uruguay


Romina Gachoy is a spanish language actress and model from Uruguay.  I think.  She truly does not exist in the english language for some reason.  Which is really way too fucking bad because most gringos are really missing out on something special.  This chica flat out dominates the instagram game.  I wish I could tell you guys a little bit more about her but like I mentioned earlier, no es en ingles y yo no hablo mas espanol and I am far too lazy to use a translator.  As an apology for not doing more legwork on her actual background here is an extended gallery.  As always, enjoy:

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Does Anyone Else Out There Like Sexy Redheads?


Sexy redheads are such a rare find but man oh man are the awesome when you do find one.  But like I said it can be obscenely difficult to find even one hot redhead but have no fear ye olde Boston Beatbox came to the rescue and put together the definitive photo gallery of sexy redheaded women.  You are all very welcome.

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The Hottest Video You Will Watch Today

I’d like to present to you the Hottest Minute Twenty-One Seconds of Your Day brought to you by Said Energizer. This guy’s videos are plain old fashioned awesome.  Just some really amazing stuff.  Anyway I’m going to shut up now and get out of the way, let this video speak for itself:

Christ almighty. I need a cold shower or something

PS –

This is 100% the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say that a chick is “dripping sex”.  Remember this video.

Double PS –

As an added bonus because I love you guys I included a MAD NSFW VIDEO after the jump:

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Back Dimples! Best Things Ever!


Thumb rests, video games, hand grips, back dimples call them whatever you want but there is one thing I think that we can all agree on: they are awesome.  Just something about seeing a girls’ lower back and noticing two perfectly placed little indents.  It just triggers a primal part of the male brain that says “this female is quite literally built for fucking”.  Sex on top of sex on top of sex.  Hey I can’t always explain it.  Sometimes it really just is the little things in life:
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If Brazilian Born Italian Lingerie Models Are Your Thing You Should Check Out Izabel Goulart


Iza Goulart is a 29yr old Brazilian born Italian Victoria’s Secret Angel.  I’m just going to sit back and allow that sentence to sink in for a second. Brazilian born Italian Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yup, that sounds good.  Lets start the week with that:

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