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Women Need to Run for 5 hrs to Burn Off Christmas


Daily Mail Women will need to run for five hours two minutes to burn off the food they eat on Christmas Day, while men face jogging for four hours 25 minutes, a study found.Women will consume 3,514 calories on December 25 and men a waist-expanding 3,640 calories – up to 76 per cent more than the recommended daily allowance.

Welp there you have it ladies.  As if you needed any further reasoning science is now officially assigning a number of hours required to run to burn off a Christmas spent indulging in sugarplums or whatever.   I personally have no issue with a girl getting down with the get down at the X-Mas dinner table. Do what you gotta do babe, Lord knows the winter holidays were made for wanton glutinous behavior. Just get that ass out the door bright and early. Get to working those 3500 calories off and I’ll see you in 5 hours 6 hours (just to be safe). Hell by then I’ll probably be hungry and need a sandwich or something anyway so in the end it all times out pretty well. Thanks science, good lookin out.

Apparently Kate Upton is a Big Fan of BJ Upton


So this obviously means Bossman Junior (yes thats actually what BJ stands for, in this context) is fucking Kate Upton right? Chicks don’t just Tweet out Happy Birthday to you for all of the public to see for no reason.  She may be the flavor of 2012 and quickly approaching the wrong side of 20 but this is easily the best thing that has happened to Bossman JR this summer.  Although I will say I’m beginning to notice that young Ms. Upton has something of a type.  Which it turns out is mediocre pro athletes.  So there you go kids, if you can middle your way through you too may be able swindle your way into huge contracts and 20year old supermodels.  Only in America!

BJ_Upton2013LineBJ Upton’s 2013 Stats.  I’m not even sure I’m joking when I say that I could be this bad at playing major league baseball.

At least we’ll always have the time that a young, then unknown Kate Upton instructed the World on how to Douglas

Oh, and Cat Daddy.  That was nice too. (Fuck you Terry Richardson)

I will post these videos every chance I get. that is my solemn promise to you.

Carmen Electra Is Still Too Hot To Handle

carmen-electra-baywatch-swimsuit – TV beauty Carmen Electra has squeezed back into her iconic red Baywatch swimsuit as part of a magazine challenge.
But she explains, “Once I got it on, I felt amazing. It was a million times better than I thought it would be.”
Electra also reveals she’s keen to join the Playboy 40 club and bare all for the men’s magazine in her 40s.
She adds, “I love Playboy. They supported me from the beginning. I heard I’ve had the third-most covers of anyone, after Pamela (Anderson) and Anna Nicole Smith. I’m very proud of that!”

That picture is all we have at the moment I write this.  Thats all they’ve given me, thats it.  And I for sure want more. Well played InTouch Magazine (whatever the fuck a magazine is), well played.  Because I know for a fact that I, for one, anxiously await the release of the rest of this photo shoot.  I could not even begin to give two flying fucks less thats she’s been run through by the likes of Dave Nevarro, Simon Cowell, Dennis “The Worm” Rodman (typing that made me gag a little) and christ only knows what assortment of producers, photographers, drug dealers and other questionables.  I would almost bet my life she has at least on of the Heps and yet I still can’t care.  She was the first real trashy hot girl for my generation.  I remember my friend getting his hands on a spread she did in Playboy once upon a time (back in 1998 or so) and it was like Gollum having the The Ring.  It was a pwerful force because back in my day we only had one computer and it was in the living room.  And we had dial up internet that was loud as shit. 20 or so pages of glossy photos of airbrushed girls posing and a little bit of imagination was all we had back then and we made due goddamn it! Wait, where am I? I;m confused, here look at this while I collect myself:


I would love to link to that issue or post some referance but Playboy is apparently very protective of their copyrights and whatnot  because they are a bunch of jerks. if you know what I’m talking about hit me up on Twitter (BostonBeatbox @OneLastLine) or leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed this inapropriately long photo caption.  Here are more pictures of Carmen Electra:



actually here is a picture from what I think may be the Playboy I’m talking about, I know it had something to do with snow or ice or something like that



searching for pictures like this makes this whole thing so worth it.  jesus