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Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: I’m Back!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It is henceforth proclaimed that on the Twenty-First Day of October in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Fourteen Anno Domini that One Last Line is once again anchors aweigh and setting sail for the open waters of the internet. So get ready because I’m back at it is I guess what I’m trying way too hard to say.

To prove that we’re really back and to remind everyone what we should be in store for here in our little corner of the internet here’s the best minute you’ll have on the (non-porn) interwebs today:

the song is ‘I Can’t Stand’ by Ricky Hil and it is fucking dope! As for the video it’s maybe NSFW? I’m not sure. There’s no nips or anything but it is super fucking hot. Enjoy:

PS –

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Rocio Miranda Is What I Dream All South American Women’s Asses Are Like


if looks could kill, they probably will

Dat ass! Good jumpin Jesus this girl, this girl right here is Rocio Miranda and she just redefines what an amazing latina ass should look like.  Just perfect.  The crazy part is that she finished 2nd in Miss Reef 2011 (I swear to you I will track down who beat her out, that I have GOT to see) and lists modeling as her hobby.  Yup, this is just what she does ont he side for shits and giggles.  Her full time profession is as a Voleibolista, which since I dont speak spanish can only assume is some combination of serving coffee while having a volleyball shaped butt. She’s probably really really good at that job.

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Funk Doctor Fridays

I’m going to share something with you guys that not everyone may know, your homeboy Boston Beatbox is a certified Funk Soul Brotha.  Thats not even my opinion that is just a flat out fact that can be proven.  I’ve gotten awards for this shit, real fuckin talk, Beatbox can lay down the funk with the best of them.  Unfortunately I feel like a good chunk of my generation simply overlooks this amazing genre filled with funky bass lines, brass horn sections, ridiculous clothes, mountains of cocaine and lyrics charged full of sexual overtones.  It quite honestly is some of the best party music going.  Rick James’ Pandora station is fantastic as a party starter, especially in a setting with a gaggle of white chicks.  The odds run fairly high that most white girls have never sat down and kick it something old school to the stylings of Gerorge Clinton, Bootsy Collins and Rick James.  The odds are equally as high that once you introduce them to the funk they are going to fucking love it.  For real, nobody that likes to party dislikes the funk.

So with all of that in mind I am proud introduce to everyone a new segment I would like to introduce here, Funk Doctor Fridays.  Thats right, every Friday allow the Boston Beatbox to get you into weekend party mode with some of the finest funk selections the internet can muster up.  Not everything is going to be technically “funk” but whatever, its still dope enough and close enough to qualify for Funk Doctor Fridays.

If you cant get down with the Funk, then brotha you aint got no soul.  Funk Doctor Fridays should be fun.

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How Is Bar Paly Not Way More Famous?


I would like to take a moment to proudly introduce Bar Paly a Russian/Israeli model and owner of possibly the longest torso I have ever seen.  For reasons I simply can not even begin to comprehend there simply arent that many pictures of this girl out there.  She was in an episode of How I Met Your Mother for one episode back in 2010, was in Pain and Gain in 2013 and is featured in a 2014 movie with Liam Neeson titled Non-Stop.  Since there are so few pics out there of her and she isnt nearly as famous as she should be/is about to become I’m just going to go ahead and say I was buying stock in Bar Paly back in the early days

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Don’t Worry ‘Murica! Boston Beatbox Is Here To Help You Ride Out This Polar Vortex


2014-01-07 03.23.41oh ya, thats why I moved

I know the weather has been something of a miserable cunt for most of ‘Murica! over the last couple of weeks and I feel for my peoples in cold ass places. I do, I really do.  Especially considering that its already this bad this early.  Everyone is just staring down the barrel of what could be a very, very long winter in the Northern states.  But never fear, you are not forgotten.  We here aboard the OneLastLine want to help out in any way we possibly can (without leaving this amazingly warm little corner of the country),  With that in mind I present to you some videos that should heat you up and hopefully send your brain to its happy tropical place. Just keep telling yourself that summer will be here eventually, watch these videos on loop and you all should make it through these long cold dark days.

Romina Gachoy Makes Me Want To Visit Uruguay


Romina Gachoy is a spanish language actress and model from Uruguay.  I think.  She truly does not exist in the english language for some reason.  Which is really way too fucking bad because most gringos are really missing out on something special.  This chica flat out dominates the instagram game.  I wish I could tell you guys a little bit more about her but like I mentioned earlier, no es en ingles y yo no hablo mas espanol and I am far too lazy to use a translator.  As an apology for not doing more legwork on her actual background here is an extended gallery.  As always, enjoy:

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