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The Nike KD VI Away II That Are Dropping Tomorrow Are The New Hottness In The Streets

It may not be a well known fact for everyone in the world but I am a sneaker junkie and as such I have to say these shoes are fucking fire! These little gems are the KD VI “Away II” colorway and they drop tomorrow (11JAN2014).  Not only is it a dope electric blue/grey/volt green color scheme but the grey portion of the shoe actually features a raised pattern providing some excellent texture and depth.  Priced for retail at $140 these are reasonably priced (in the world of basketball shoes) and I kind of feel like I need a pair of these.  Not want a pair, need a pair.

If you’re like me and want to see a few more pics from some different angles I put together I pretty solid gallery after the jump

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Does This Look Like The Face Of A San Diego Man Caught Wearing A Kardashian Hoodie In Las Vegas


San Diego U-T – San Diegan Greg Ryan is living proof that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.  Over Christmas, the Patio Restaurant bar manager was spotted in Bellagio Casino’s arcade by reality show star Khloe Kardashian. He was wearing one of her track suits.

Gotta love how Khloe made sure to throw in that now they can “say they are unisex” just to make sure everyone knows that this is, indeed an article of female clothing.  Kick a man while he’s down why don’t ya? For fuck’s sake.  Thats a really tough break my man and I feel for you.  Could have easily been anyone of us and before you start crowing how that could never be you because you’re such an Eddie Tough Guy and would never wear female clothing you probably need to pump the brakes and think about how this guy ended up in these circumstances.  One second this poor shmo is lounging in his Vegas hotel room with his chick and she sends him down to the lobby to grab coffee or some other errand.  He figures why not, it’ll keep her happy and I can grab a drink or six while I’m down there.Figuring he wont be gone long and is still kind of hungover he heads out of the room and just grabs one of the sweatshirts on the chair by the door.  He doesn’t realize it’s hers until he gets into the elevator and just shrugs it off assuming that it’s the middle of the morning or day or whatever in Las Vegas and he’ll just anonymously blend into the sea of madness and lights that is Sin City.  Just minding his own business trying to just enjoy his cocktail and forget that for Christmas somebody got you a Kardashian brand hoodie, next second one of those bridge trolls is putting you on blast all over Instagram.

Phil Rivers Bolo Tie Swag Goes to Eleven

philip-rivers-bolo-tie-bengals-win“Hey Phil we just went on the road and dick stomped  a tough Cincinnati defense in some pretty shitty weather, you ready to for your post game presser?”
“Yup, lemme just grab my finest bolo tie and we’re all good to go.”

I’m happy I’m not Denver right about now because let me tell you something, you DO NOT want to fuck with a man in a bolo tie. For proof look no further than yourself, have you gentle reader ever willingly crossed a man in a bolo tie? How about anyone you’ve ever known? No you havent and no they haven’t. You know how I know the answers to those questions? No one has ever trifled with a man in a bolo tie and lived to tell the tale.  The bolo tie is a look reserved for men that mean business. You know what Im trying to say, Im trying to say its time to get down to  business cause its business time.

its business, its business time

Good thing for Denver that Rivers doesnt also have a mustache to complete the look because then, ooh brother, then they’d be in a whole ‘nother world of hurt. Imagine how powerful and manly of a mustache Philip must grow.  Like a manlier Burt Reynolds.  Luckily enough we here aboard the OneLastLine have the latest in mustache adding technology on hand and we are not afraid to use it:


Boom. Mustached. Ferocious. Get it #17! Alright Denver consider this your official notice.  Philip is coming and he’s bringing his bolo ties with him. You’ve been warned.

I See You Charissa Thompson


Charissa Thompson humblebrahged a Twit pic of her dope place during Sunday’s 10am blizzard games. Love how she did this under the pretense of “the snow on TV literally 3500 miles away is making me cold”. Just such an absurd claim, even though it has been cold here in SoCal for like a week or so…

Her blanket draped legs are barley even visable in the picture and there isn’t even a hint of an ember in that awesome looking fireplace. Lets be real for a second if I can, I wish Beatbox Central had high cielings, soft recessed lighting illuminating what appears to be an awesome TV (what is that a Samsung?) nestled above an amazing (and apparently under utilized fireplace). Class and sophistication for days on end. Charissa Thompson, I see what you’re doing and I respect it.

PS –
If that fireplace isn’t functional then I take back pretty much everything I said. A fake fireplace is straight poor people shit.