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The Nike KD VI Away II That Are Dropping Tomorrow Are The New Hottness In The Streets

It may not be a well known fact for everyone in the world but I am a sneaker junkie and as such I have to say these shoes are fucking fire! These little gems are the KD VI “Away II” colorway and they drop tomorrow (11JAN2014).  Not only is it a dope electric blue/grey/volt green color scheme but the grey portion of the shoe actually features a raised pattern providing some excellent texture and depth.  Priced for retail at $140 these are reasonably priced (in the world of basketball shoes) and I kind of feel like I need a pair of these.  Not want a pair, need a pair.

If you’re like me and want to see a few more pics from some different angles I put together I pretty solid gallery after the jump

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Quite The Crowd At The Clippers Game Last Night

So Doc Rivers’ Clips held home court last night and marched past the Celtics on the back of Blake Griffin’s 29 points.  Thats to be expected, the Clippers even sans Chris Paul are a far superior team to the Boston Celtics.  The C’s did put up a fight as it appears almost every player on the roster is auditioning to be the next one traded to a contender.  Thats not what we’re here to discuss today.  No today I would like to talk about the awesome crowd behind one of the baskets last night.  This is their reaction to Blake Griffin getting up and (sort of) over  Kris Humphries:

2014-01-08 21.14.48

Now this man’s Mini Mouse swerve is obviously the the first thing that will catch your eye, and rightfully so.  That shit is on point.  But there are so many other hidden little gems in this one.  Lets break it down one by one:

MrScarfMr Scarf over here sitting on the left hand of Mr Mini is the perfect stereotype partner for Mini Mouse.  Just covering up his reaction with his scarf.  Strange play for sure.  I’m not too sure what would possess you to do that but then again I don’t know what possesses a man to wear a scarf in LA.  Seriously bro it was like 73 degrees yesterday.  Knock that shit off.

KiethRichardsSo Kieth Richard’s has apparently perfected the art of time travel and has used this gift to attend Clippers games.  And it is is blowing young Kieth Richard’s fucking mind.  Like something was finally awesome enough to cut through the cloud the permanently surrounds his brain.  Looks like even with a second shot at youth Kieth Richards is still making wonderful decisions.

HeadDownHead down, completely zoned out staring at the iPhone.  Probably watching a sick Blake Griffin dunk compilation video on YouTube or something.  Money well spent for those seats.

AsianClipsHonestly I have no explanation for this but for some reason this asian lady just cracks me right the fuck up.  That might make me a racist but I can’t help it that she makes me giggle every time I look at her.

Clips_Glasses'Glasses guy here seems really melancholy about the whole affair.  His lack of reaction is actually pretty fucking creepy.  Especially when juxtaposed to the guy behind him who has literally had Blake Griffin take his breath away.

BlackClipsThis black lady is killing the dunk reaction game.. You can see from her cuffs she clearly is fairly dressed and is sporting some type of blazer or another.  Doesn’t make a bit of difference how prim and proper a person may be, when somebody get dunked on right up close and personal black folks just instinctively lose their shit.  Just have no other options, its primal.  One day I would like to be as excited about anything as black people get watching people get dunked on.

Want To Watch LA Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig Get Arrested?

This is the video from Yasiel’s arrest for driving 110mph on a Florida Highway a few weeks back. My key takeaway from this video as a mediocre a best Spanish speaker is this: Yasiel refers to himself in the third person by his last name.  Just referencing himself as “Puig”.  Excellent.  Just simply spectacular.  I mean Puig is starting to take this whole “Ricky Being Ricky” persona to the max.  This video (which is awesome) just goes to show why the off-season can not end soon enough for the Los Angeles Dodgers.  They need to get this kid into their Spring Training Complex ASAP so they can attempt to keep an eye on him and maybe keep him out of trouble.

When Did Socks Get So Expensive?

Being the daper 21st Century man about town that I am I decided this was as good of a time as any to freshen up the old wardrobe.  As such I was at Target trying to buy some new socks because, you know all class all day.  But these sly mothafuckers wanted $15 for 3 (THREE!) pairs.  The fuck is that?  Whatta they think I am some kind of Rockafeller? When did this happen?  Admittedly I do have a pretty mean sock game but these are just regular good old fashioned every day socks.  There is literally nothing special about them at all, they’re just socks.  I mean luckily enough I live in a climate that affords me the opportunity to wear flip-flops most of the year because apparently thats my new game plan for 2014.  Really puts all those years of getting socks and underwear from Grandma for Christmas in some perspective.

Phil Rivers Bolo Tie Swag Goes to Eleven

philip-rivers-bolo-tie-bengals-win“Hey Phil we just went on the road and dick stomped  a tough Cincinnati defense in some pretty shitty weather, you ready to for your post game presser?”
“Yup, lemme just grab my finest bolo tie and we’re all good to go.”

I’m happy I’m not Denver right about now because let me tell you something, you DO NOT want to fuck with a man in a bolo tie. For proof look no further than yourself, have you gentle reader ever willingly crossed a man in a bolo tie? How about anyone you’ve ever known? No you havent and no they haven’t. You know how I know the answers to those questions? No one has ever trifled with a man in a bolo tie and lived to tell the tale.  The bolo tie is a look reserved for men that mean business. You know what Im trying to say, Im trying to say its time to get down to  business cause its business time.

its business, its business time

Good thing for Denver that Rivers doesnt also have a mustache to complete the look because then, ooh brother, then they’d be in a whole ‘nother world of hurt. Imagine how powerful and manly of a mustache Philip must grow.  Like a manlier Burt Reynolds.  Luckily enough we here aboard the OneLastLine have the latest in mustache adding technology on hand and we are not afraid to use it:


Boom. Mustached. Ferocious. Get it #17! Alright Denver consider this your official notice.  Philip is coming and he’s bringing his bolo ties with him. You’ve been warned.