The First Last Line

“What the hell is this nonsense?” you may be asking yourself. And I wouldn’t blame you, we’re new in the nieghborhood.  And by we I mean just myself, The Boston BeatBox. But we are currently in a heavy recruiting phase so hopefully that number will increase from one to more than one sooner rather than later.

But I am happy to inform you that you just stumbled across possibly the best work-in-progress, making this shit up as I go along site on the internet. I’m not too sure what exactly is going on here but I’ve got a few things I think we can all enjoy. Going to try and keep this whole thing light; some sports, some funny news stories, day to day gripes, basically anything that entertains me or any thoughts that I have. This isn’t the place to turn to get into heated political debates or have deep discussions about the nuances of early 20th Century poetry or generally not be offended by something.

Love me, hate me, feel indifferent. I can’t really give too much a fuck one way or another. I’m just going to start it off, let things naturally evolve and see where it all ends up. Enjoy.

-Supreme Commandant of the Finest Galleon to Ever Sail the Interwebs

The Boston BeatBox


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