Bob Filner Named America’s Worst Boss Because Obviously


yup, thats exactly what you would think a groper would look like

San Diego Union Tribune – Former Mayor Bob Filner added another ignoble notch to his year of infamy: America’s Worst Boss 2013.  So says the website eBossWatch which allows people to anonymously rate their supervisors and put the boorish former city chief executive ahead of 49 other people from around the country who were in competition for the dubious honor.  Filner made his way to the top from the array of sexual harassment and groping incidents that led to his resignation on Aug. 30 and has spawned nearly $4 million in claims against the city by women he allegedly wronged. He will be serving three months house confinement beginning Jan. 1 after pleading guilty to two misdemeanor and one felony count stemming from his actions.

Just another excellent commendation for Bobbin’ Head Filner to put up on the mantle at home.  Named the worst boss in America by some website for his laundry list of transgressions in the couple of months he was actually Mayoring San Diego.  Its impressive that he got any mayor stuff done while in office because it really just seems like he spent most of his ways coming up with dumb ass ways to sexually harass/assault frumpy looking middle-aged women on the tax payer dime.  The best part of this whole thing is that not only did he somehow get elected Mayor of San Diego but the man was a sitting US Congressman from 1993-2012.  Meaning was re-elected several times.  There is not one chance in hell the this kind of behavior began only after he was sworn in as Mayor, it was too blatant, too arrogant for a first timer.  This was somebody who had been groping and getting away with it for a loooooooong time.  How did not ONE of his opponents figure this shit out and use it against him the good old ‘Murican! tradition of political mud slinging?  If people are trying to try to sell me that he never grabbed a tit in the Nation’s Capitol can’t quit their pitch now because if that’s what your sellin, brother I ain’t buyin.

PS –

Being from a state politically dominated by the Kennedy’s for the better part of the last 70years it warms my heart a little bit to have some good old fashioned political scandal and abuse of power in San Diego.  Now it really feels like home.

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